Reunion #1

So, I got the "spring update?" to the Hackley yearbook. With the pictures from prom and senior dinner and graduation. and I got hit by wave of nostalgia (which I actually get quite often).
I went back home this weekend. Hackley feels different for some reason, maybe its because I don't go there anymore. I know the people there, but there were also people I didn't know. In short, I felt like a stranger. only slightly.
Saturday was Emily's birthday, so we went to the city to celebrate.
too bad everyone was kind of sick.

it didn't occur to me how much I had missed everyone until I saw them. Luckily, everyone's more or less within reachable distance. But, i don't know, I get that almost but not quite awkward feeling of separation? it's like a highschool friend meeting college friend kinda thing. not that it's a bad thing. it's only natural. but I'm still not used to the fact that these people that i've known for three years are making friends with people I don't know. WOAH. SO SHOCKING.
not really. i have my own friends, too.
instead of having the same life with the same friends and same social scene (hey! were there any?), it's like we are all going our own way and having our own lives.

Having a life is good. GO MAKE FRIENDS!

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