So, this would be like a re-cap of my past.. 3 weeks(?) at Vassar. it is decent. and decent is probably the strongest word i can use. i actually like it A LOT more than when I first got here because GUESS WHAT? I've made friends. which is a good thing, by the way. Yet somehow I feel like there's a piece about college that's still missing. What about the thrill of going to classes? (and I am totally serious) Everyone I've met are in love with what they're taking even though it's a lot of work. My classes are just so.. dull. Is it because I went to Hackley? or because all the ones i'm taking are number-based lecture types? Why do I feel like everyone else is drowning in work and when I've got tons of free time (though i do complain about how i have no time). Why can't I drown with everyone else? or a better way to put it might be.. WHY CAN'T I FEEL PRODUCTIVE? i'm always in the library, but other people are working on papers and readings while I waste my time on problem sets that I already knew how to do two years ago but have forgotten? and why am i complaining about having free time?
Perhaps I just like to torture myself. If I die of overworking one day, I might just be really happy in my afterlife.
i really miss people =[

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celine(: said...

hey cow-bean!

you have a very unhealthy obession with work. though i do agree with you. take 4 writing classes and 1 lab next sem, now that would kill you and you'll be happy. (: