I'm being PARANOID

Don't you hate it when you're trying to sleep and people are being loud? it's not that they're inconsiderate (which they are). They don't really know that I'm trying to sleep because I didn't tell them. But, hey, it's nearly midnight... so lets gather in a room and SPEAK AND LAUGH REALLY LOUDLY TO PISS PEOPLE OFF? great idea. I think they might be drunk, because I hear that sound that beer cans make when it's opened. or maybe they're drinking soda. Probably not.
I hate this. Everytime I try to sleep my ears become SUPER SENSITIVE and I can hear EVERYTHING. I can't tune things out. The more I try the louder sounds become. But I'm going to try to sleep not.
I watched the Disney version of Cinderella just now. It reminded me of nice old animation. The last time I saw it was a long time ago. and the movie is really kind of fucked up. just slightly. Now I want to watch The Lady and The Tramp. Maybe thinking about good old Disney movies can help me get through my mentally frustratingly boring Children's Lit class.
GOD (whom I don't really believe in) PLEASE HELP ME.

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