Wild Night?

oh yes. TOTALLY. how is not wild watching six movies in one weekend and staying up really really late.. or early.
that was finally something that I'm at least a little more used to doing. plus it was fun.. as long as i remember to forget that i still had homework to do. being sleep-deprived can be a wonderful thing. it makes me extremely hyper, and i can usually sleep REALLY well afterwards. I watched Moulin Rouge for the first time.. and it was around 4 am, so i felt like i was hallucinating, which wasn't actually a bad feeling. ah-haha. and I am absolutely in love with ewan mcgregor, who is extremely good-looking and can sing really well, which makes him that much better. too bad he's old and married and i don't know him. haha. I've also discovered that my friends here have weird and awkward tendencies, which is highly amusing and somewhat comforting because 1. it's entertaining and 2. my other friends (you) all have weird tendencies.
i'm really excited for this weekend. hopefully i'll satistfy my pinkberry craving that has been building up since a month ago.
by the way,

the Barefoot Monkeys are sick.

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