Total and Absolute Humiliation?

About "Synchronized Ice Skating". yeah, it's really cool, except for the fact that I realized that I haven't skated since I was 11.. so I just couldn't quite move on the ice. I wish I was better. But FEAR NOT! utter humiliation will not stop me from skating. it is really fun (and cold). I have yet to do anything else that's interesting... There was a tea party, which reminded me of Alice's Tea Cup, that I wasn't technically invited to, but I kind of just invited myself. The tea wasn't really that good though. 
oh, funny thing. I didn't sleep in my room last night because I got back from the ice-skating thing pretty late, and I was watching asian TV in my friend's room. when I got back this morning, I went to shower in my super genius "bath rope," which is an oversized sweatshirt that I got by accident a couple years ago. and people were staring at me weirdly.
Whose sweater is she wearing?
i can't wait until next weekend.

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celine(: said...

oh bean! that sounds so scandalous. supersized sweatshirt and look all dishevelled. tsk tsk. we all know what happened. haha