my internet sucked last night, so i'm posting this.. during my chinese class?

There are 5 more weeks of classes left. And then I’m a college sophomore. It is really scary. The mere idea of another 3 more years passing like this intimidates me. What exactly have I done in the past 7 months? Nothing really. In fact, I almost find high school more challenging and productive. But I can’t exactly go back, well, life just sucks doesn’t it? It’s around two-thirty in the morning, and instead of finishing my Chinese homework that was due two days ago, I decided to go through my course catalogue and plan out my life for the next three years. It is more complicated than I thought. In the end, I decided that my second major is going to be art. Now, isn’t that funny? I guess people always revert to something familiar… that way, there is nothing to be afraid of. I’ve done it for so long; it is safe. Why am I such a pussy? Refusing to try new things… isn’t that a little counterintuitive to the idea of a liberal arts education? Wasn’t I going to “start fresh”? I hope everything will turn out ok.

Not applying to art school and turning down business school only to study art and econ at a small college? Life is just fucking with me now, isn’t it? It’s okay. Have fun.

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