I will call this an explanation, otherwise as known as a lame excuse for why I haven't written anything in the past 126 days.

This always happens to me. Everytime I try to "blog" I end up only doing it for a couple of weeks, only to completely forget about its existence. And when something in my mind triggers me to blog again, I'll go back and write one of these: trying to come up with an explanation for my absense like people even cared/noticed.
A lot of things happened in the 126 days during which I was gone. You know, the usual wild parties and extravaganzas. But i'll spare you all the juicy details, because really, I know remember either.
Let's talk about now. What am I doing now?
as I'm typing this, I'm also playing a game tetris. Up until this point, I hadn't won a game yet and I was really pissed off at this one other player who keeps killing me. but, I just won two games. Perhaps this blog is bringing me luck.
So, spring break started 3 days ago, and I have absolutely nothing to do. I waste my days away watching shows on my laptop and eating. That's basically all I do during most breaks. Yesterday, I decided to do something productive, so I spent a whooping 20 minutes doing my chinese homework. I also tried to get back in touch with my "artistic" side, but discovered that maybe I can't draw anymore. That is a sad thought: did I waste like 14 years of my life drawing?
This morning, I woke up at 630 because I made a bet with someone about running outside, only 630 is alot darker than I thought it would be (gah, daylight saving), so I'm running at 730 instead.
ok, so back to the explanation: What prompt me to write this again wasn't the fact that a friend mentioned that it's sad that I don't update this anymore. Someone did say that to me, but I kind of just blew him off. pshhh-- who needs a blog? The truth is that a week later, I start noticing the people around me, and the determination and passion they have with which they do things they want. I wish I could be inspired to make something awesome, but in the mean time, I'm still waiting.

I just wrote about a bunch of things without flow or continuity. Guess I'll never be much of a writer. But you know, they all somehow connect in my mind.

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